Exchange Student Society

Exchange Student Society was established by students from different faculties in 2007 to help incoming and outgoing Exchange students during their Erasmus experience. Exchange Student Society (hereafter, ESS-Hacettepe) cooperates closely with European Union Office (EU Office) and International Student Office.
ESS-Hacettepe strives to foster friendships that will enlarge Erasmus students’ Professional and social network.
ESS-Hacettepe sees itself as an ambassador for our university and city, and through this it hopes to enhance the experience of each Erasmus student when studying and living in Ankara.

What We Do

The main focus of ESS is placed on all current Erasmus students in Hacettepe. ESS offers help in academic, social and practical integration process.
As this novel student, our organizations;
City trips to Ankara, Cappadocia, Olympos, Fethiye, Amasra…
Cultural activities like museum visits and Atatürk’s Mausoleum visit…
Football, basketball, bowling ect. tournaments
Welcome party and Farewell party

"Buddy-Mentor Programme"

We have a "Buddy-Mentor Programme" which helps the Erasmus students mainly in academic and practical integration. The programme is designed especially to introduce Erasmus students to the city, the places to go out and to integrate them in Ankara way of life.
Apart from the board, ESS-Hacettepe is depending on their active members, the so-called "Mentors"

Once you have subscribed, you will be matched with local Mentor (A student of Hacettepe University ) who has voluntary taken the task upon him/her to guide one or more Erasmus students. Your Mentor will try to pick you up at airport of Ankara (Esenboğa), at main train station or at inter cities bus station.

Helping about the reaching to the campuses, EU Offices and your own departments.
Course enrolment, student ID and placement permit guidance.
ESS-Hacettepe also cooperates with Erasmus student Network (ESN) "click here" for more information about ESN International.
Academic Coordinator

Barış Fatih Karaca
Gizem Sari
Melis Ibri
Idil Oben Girgin
Merve Nur Kuyumcu

Hacettepe University EU Office
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