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What do you need to do before you leave your country?

→ Make sure that you have a health insurance that is valid in Turkey.
→ Open a Euro bank account in your country and make sure that you have your details with you in the form of an official documentation (such as the account passbook) when you come to Turkey.
→ You may contact the EU Office if you need an invitation letter.


What do you need to do when you come to Hacettepe University?

→ Contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator of the department that you will be visiting at Hacettepe University.
→ You need to bring to the EU Office a copy of your passport's ID page, entry stamp page together with your boarding passes and plane ticket.
→  You also need to provide the Office with your Euro Bank Account details so that your grant transactions can be realised.
→ If you have any documents that needs to be signed, or need assistance please visit the EU Office. 

What do you need to do before you leave Hacettepe University?

→ If you have any documents that need to be signed, please visit Hacettepe University EU Office. 
→ Your "certificate of attendance" will be given to you prior to your departure.
→ In order to be able to receive the remaining 30% of your Erasmus+ grant, you need to send a copy of your plane ticket (from Ankara to your country), as well as boarding passes, and a copy of your passport’s stamp page showing that you have left Turkey.

You have reviewed/completed all the steps. If you would like to share your experience and/or comments, you may 

→ fill out our "share your experience" form, or

→ give us your feedback.



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